Monday, July 30, 2012

2010 Riesling, Léon Beyer

Léon Beyer has long nourished the image as the winehouse that makes the driest of all dry wines in Alsace. Thus, it was feared that the firm's basis Riesling from a year of extremely high acid levels would be backward and sour. However, concern is not justified. This shows that 1) Beyer have skilled providers of grapes, 2) not even Beyer allows the dryness go to extremes and that 3) Léon Beyer is a producer you can trust.

2010 Riesling from Léon Beyer in Eguisheim has a generous aroma of oyster shells, cooked apples, ripe lime and green herbs. The taste is quite light, but the charming and youthful fills the mouth well while the acids ase fresh and clean and just a hint malic. A very positive acquaintance! Price: €11.50.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am interest in order a copy of Vinguide Alsace but is it written in English?

alsace-wine said...

Sorry, not yet. I had ambitions to have it ready by this summer but work came in the way... But hopefully by Xmas!