Friday, May 24, 2013

2008 Crémant, Pierre Frick

The variety Auxerrois is amazingly versatile. Outside of Alsace it is largely unknown, but here it accounts for 7% of the entire area. Mostly blended with Pinot Blanc (and sold as Pinot Blanc), a small portion is marketed as pure Auxerrois while a significant proportion is  included as base for sparkling sparkling wine where it provides volume and body. If harvested just about mature Auxerrois has sufficient acid to benefit from long elevage sur latte while gaining in aromatic complexity.

2008 Crémant from Pierre Frick in Pfaffenheim is 100% Auxerrois and is beautifully straw yellow colored. The aroma is rich and attractiubve with apple, chocolate, toast and fresh lemon. The taste is serious, balanced and rich with a lovely acid that frames lots of lovely fruit, formin a rich but elegant and balanced whole. A ridiculously low price for a fine wine! Price: € 9.