Sunday, June 8, 2014

2010 Pinot Blanc, Albert Boxler

Blanc and Auxerrois are grown on just over 20% of the area. In the statistics they are pooled, but in nature they are different. Pinot Blanc is light and tight, while auxerrois is much fuller and softer. As more and more Pinot Blanc is used for Crémant it will be increasingly difficult to find still white wines made from 100% of real Pinot Blanc.

2010 Pinot Blanc from Albert Boxler Niedermorschwihr has a dense, yellow-green color. The aroma reminds of creamy milk chocolate, almonds, ripe yellow apple, mineral and nectarine. The taste is compact, tight and stringent with lots of lovely fruit, a sandy mouthfeel and absolutely perfect balance, despite the soaring acids. Boxler makes incredibly good wines! Price: € 10.


ilbe said...

Hello, great blog and website you have! I am a fellow wine blogger from Finland who enjoys driving through Sweden and Denmark to European wine regions.

I am going to Alsace for second time in August and will be staying in Kaysersberg. Any recommendations for a restaurant there or nearby?

I'm also having a really hard time trying to decide which producers to visit. Any suggestions for producers with best price/quality ratio? Right now I'm thinking Paul Blanck and Dirler-Cadé but purely qualitywise really interested in Weinbach and Albert Boxler.

alsace-wine said...

It is amust to visit taverna Alsacienne in Ingersheim. Otherwise Flamme & Co in Kaysersberg is great fun. Or, why not Au Bon Coin in nearby Sigolsheim? If you order my book you will get more suggestions. (You get it to Finland in 2 days)

Regarding producers there are so many! Within 5 km fråm Kaysersberg you have Stirn, Bernhard, Meyer-Fonné, Simonis and Schaetzel. At Blanck you should not neglect the 2010 Auxerrois.

ilbe said...

Thanks for your response!

I would love to buy your book but my Swedish is just horrible. It hasn't been translated to English, has it?

The amount of quality producers really is just breathtaking so I guess I just have to start (or continue, already visited Bott-Geyl in 2012) somewhere. Thanks for all the tips!

ilbe said...

Oh, just noticed that there is in fact an English version. Well then, I'm a customer.